Female sex tourism

Women enjoy traveling not less than men, and many of them want to have sex with inhavitants of countries they travel to. Women don't go straight ahead to buy a man for night, instead they go to sex shows, bars and etc. to meet there someone who isn't against of idea of having sex with female tourist. There exist special tours for such women, usually European or Scandinavian looking for fun with attractive beach boys.

Often women don't pay to boys for sex service with money, but buy them clothes, food, presents. However, there could be rates for male companionship, from $50 to $200. In some destinations, especially in Southern Europe, Turkey, Bali and the French Caribbean, men do not expect to be compensated.

Main destinations for female sex tourism are Southern Europe (Greece, Turkey and Spain), the Caribbean (Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic), the Gambia and Kenya in Africa, Bali and Thailand. Lesser destinations include Nepal, Morocco, Fiji, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Guys ready to offer such service called kamakia in Greece (fishing harpoons), sharks in Costa Rica, rent-a-dreads and the Foreign Service in Caribbean, Kuta Cowboys or pemburu-bule in Bali (whitey hunters), Marlboro men in Jordan, bomsas or bumsters in Gambia, sanky pankies in Dominican Republic.


Female sex tourism started in 1840ths, in Rome, along with first wave of feminism. Before that, there were single evidences of women visiting North America and Turkey in search of sex.

Until 1960ths it was hard time for traveling, so female sex tourism was affair only for brave women.In 60ths there was the second wave of sex tourism and European and Canadian women began explore the Caribbean, Greece, Latin America. In 90ths Asian women from Japan and Taiwan started to look for sex partners in Bali and Thailand.

Nowadays women travel for sex everywhere where exist beaches and underemployed men. It's countries like Mexico, Morocco, Turkey, Nepal.

Why women search sex in foreign countries?

In their mother countries women have to compete with men everywhere: in school, at work, in married life. It's called dating war and provoke women to look for sex far away from their home countries.

Another reason for vacation romance is being anonym. Men don't know them in real life, so women can act freely. There are no observers who call them whore. Women experiment with no fear, try new things.

Variety of men is another factor. New short-time romance help to cure after divorce or break-up.

Dominican Republic

What women don't want to build relations with sexy, dark-skinned guy, even for a short time? Fun days and hot nights, even he lies, can make a woman feel much better if they take things easy.

Sankies are dominican gigolos, coming from poor families, with no education. They can be smart enough and know how to please women and play on her weakness.

Not all the guys who work on resorts are sankies. Usually sankies work in animation, as bartenders, waiters and etc. Their salary is low, so they hope to earn more with help of female tourists.

Asking a women out, sankie drink and dance, talk a lot with and become intimate with her. He can even pay for entertainment, because he wants a woman to trust him. Woman fall in love with him and supply contact with sanky even after getting back home.

Soon after that sanky start asking money for his ill mother or use another tricks, promising to send money back. In the mean time he assures a woman that he loves her madly and so on.

Another way of development of relation with sanky: he aims to get a visa our of his country. Receiving it, he breaks relations with a woman and begins a new life.


Many guys from tourist industry in other countries act the same way: build a romance, giving illusion of love and making female tourists come back to the resorts they work again and again. It can happen in Turkey, Egypt and other places.


American, Canadian and European female tourists come to Negril, which is known as a "swinging" resort. Muscular guys care of middle-age tourists conquiring them with exotic look and mass of compliments. Those guys earn money to feed their families, as they can get up to $100 for sex with tourists and $150 for oral sex which is considered as taboo in this country.


Guys on Cuba can be unpleasently rood and hassling - they suggest their service and don't like being refused.


Pattaya and Phuket are definetely most popular among men coming into Thailand for sex, but women are able to find a sex and romantic here. Eeuropean women look for guys on Phuket and other islands. Female tourists get attracted by appearence of beach guys and guides - and these guys get attracted by tourists' money.


Japanese women hire local guys for sex and pay them generously.


Mature German ladies like golden beaches of Bulgaria, where men are handsome and not asking for much. $25-50 per day.

African and Arabian giggolos often are happy to make love with women for no reward. They will be happy if woman feed and support them for a short time.