Sex Tourism Spots in Brazil

A Lôca Club   # - São Paulo City, R. Frei Caneca, 916000, São Paulo, Brazil, (0xx)11 3159-8889, - An upscale strip club in Sao Paulo. Official home to the popular Eat Beat connection event. Great place to enjoy music and hook up with ...

Abelle - São Paulo City, Av. Rogaciano Leite, no. 370 - Bairro Salinas, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, Brazil, 550xx852410727 , - A nude strip club with a great erotic party atmosphere. The club features an elegant cloud every night, great music and hot Brazilian prostitutes. : ...

Allure - São Paulo City, R. Gomes de Carvalho, 560, São Paulo, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 822-2820, - A very popular adult nightclub in Sao Paulo City. Great place for the sex tourist looking forward to having the best experience in Brazil

Alquimia Drinks - Curitiba, Rua Visconde de Guarapuava, 1654, Curitiba, B3, Brazil, 0 XX 412624704 , - Great nude strip joint for those seeking some adult fun. The place has a large number of dancers and bar girls who can give you ...

Andrade Club - São Paulo City, Rua Artur de Azevedo, 874, São Paulo, B3, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 280-8658, - A friendly club that boasts of the most beautiful and youngest gogo dancers inSao Paulo. Nice place to hook up with your dream girl

Auro´s Drink Show - Curitiba, R. Cruz Machado, 336, Curitiba, Brazil, (041) 222-4704, - A fun adult entertainment joint located at R. Cruz Machado. If you are looking for some adult fun check out Auro's.

Bahamas - São Paulo City, Rua corenel carvalho sobrinho 6a, São Paulo, B3, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 5542-2748, - If you are a sex tourist and new in Brazil, Bahamas is probably your best shot at getting to know around and nail the finest ...

Bar Executivo Love Dreams - Curitiba, R Cleto Da Silva, 01864 , Curitiba, B3, Brazil, (041)278-5096, - A erotically charged nightclub with many dancers, great service, music and an upbeat crowd. Worth checking out

Bar Recanto Das Sereias Ltda - Curitiba, R Des Westphalen, 00436, Ap, 1, Curitiba,, Brazil, (041)232-0733, - Great place for the pussy hunter in Brazil Pretty girls, wide drink variety, food, cocktails and music all in a welcoming atmosphere!

Barbarella's - Rio de Janeiro, Av Prado Junior, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2275-7349, - A topless type of club in Rio de Janeiro. The club is only open to those above 18 years of age and features a large ...

Beer´s Erotic Shows - São Paulo City, Rua Nestor Pestana, 267, São Paulo, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 257-4896, - Nice club for those who appreciate adult entertainment. Great music selection, all your favorite drinks, dancing stage and plenty of dancers and hookers

Bella Ami Night Club - São Paulo City, Rua Bento Freitas, 296 - Consolação, São Paulo, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 222-0323, - A club with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Experienced staff will cater to all your needs while nude dancers will keep you occupied all night ...

Bety Drinks - Curitiba, Alameda Princesa Isabel, 315, Curitiba, Brazil, (041) 223-7514, - A cool strip dance and watering joint in Curitiba. Upbeat crowd every night and hot Brazilian hookers to keep you satisfied and entertained!

Big Ben Pub   # - Rio de Janeiro, Rua Muniz Barreto, 374 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22251-090, Brazil, Brazil, + 55 21 2286.8120, - A mid sized pub with plenty to offer the adult nightlife fans. The place is mainly known for playing Rock, Blues, Pop and more. Happy ...

Black Moon Café - São Paulo City, Av. Santo Amaro, 5558, São Paulo, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 543-1511, - An adult nightclub with plenty of strippers and bar girls. Features nightly entertainment. Worth paying a visit

Black Night Blues Bar - Rio de Janeiro, Rua Pereira Nunes, 326,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (0 XX 21) 278-0696, - A topless club in Rio de Janeiro that features nightly entertainment, music, pretty girls, dancing stage and a full bar!!

Boate Doma - Rio de Janeiro, Av. Prado Júnior, 63, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (0 XX 21) 275-4899, - A popular adult nightclub in Rio de Janeiro that features a full bar, dance stage and topless stage dances. Very upscale joint

Boate Paris Texas - São Paulo City, Av. Pompéia, 678, Sumarezinho, São Paulo, B3, Brazil, 65-6785, - Adult entertainment nightclub with a friendly and homely feel. Wide drink variety, topless dancers and all your favorite tracks

Boite Atlanta - Curitiba, Rod Br 116, 13097, Curitiba, B3, Brazil, (041)278-0068, - Another upscale adult nightclub in Curitiba. The girls are friendly and will make sure that all your needs are met. Music is great too and ...

Boite Vagão Plaza - São Paulo City, R Nestor Pestana, 237-A, São Paulo, B3 , Brazil, (0 XX 11) 258-6152, - A club that offers great adult entertainment including full nude and private dances. The club also offers a wide selection of beer and wines

Broadway - São Paulo City, Av. Marquês de São Vicente, 1767, São Paulo, B3, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 861-3368, - Great place to drink and meet prostitutes and strippers in Sao Paulo. Erotic themed events, private dances and more

Brut Nightclub - São Paulo City, R. Dr. Eduardo de Souza Aranha, 221, Itaim Bibi., São Paulo, B3, Brazil, 820-0603, - A nude club in Sao Paulo. Great erotic parties and erotic themed events throughout the year. Plenty of of hot girls for your pleasure

Bullet - São Paulo City, R. Morato Coelho, 1206, São Paulo, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 212-5761, - A nude strip club in R. Morato Coelho, 1206. Plenty of hookers hanging around. Great club for the pussy monger looking for some hot action ...

Café Paris Night Club - São Paulo City, Rua Augusta, 757 - Consolação, São Paulo, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 257-8386, - A nightclub that features a full bar and stage dances. Friendly service and an upbeat crowd. Open everyday!

Estudio Emme   # - São Paulo City, Av. Pedroso de Moraes, 1036, São Paulo, Brazil, (0 XX 11) 814-7383, - Formerly known as Avendia Club, Estudio Emme is a great place for the adult nightlife seeker in Brazil. The club stirs up the city's nightlife ...

Vogue Nightclub - Rio de Janeiro, Rua Cupertino Durão, 173, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (0 XX 21) 274-4145, - An adult entertainment joint that features music, drinks, dancing and full private nude dances.

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