20 best destinations for sex tourism

Date with ladies in:

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In the late 70th tourists expanded to Southeast Asia. Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Shangri-la, Bali - they became popular because of low price of different services including sex. Search for you "love" in Boracay gogo bars or in Bali brothel - sex in boracay as well as in other cities of Asia is cheap and enjoyable. Best hookers can be meet everywhere in Asia, best brothels here and where, it's just the right destination for any sexpat.

There are rainy seasons in Asia, but they are not dangerous and annoying. They are quite refreshing, so it's hard to say when it's the best time to go Bali or Cambodia. It's equally hard to decide which Asian destination is best. It's up to you!

Asian sweethearts aren't against of having sex with couple or female, so it's a paradise for swingers and lesbians. There are lot of guys working in sex industry, too, so gay travelers can spend a time with interest, also. So it's really the best sexual tourism destination.

Brothels, massage parlors, go-go bars, pool bars and beaches flooded with girls ready to serve for a minimum price, that's why Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Shangri-la, Bali are the best countries for sex and prostitution. Be aware: some of beautiful Thai ladies can be male, transvestite (katoey).


Low cost of living and meals, safety, general convience and plenty of girls - what else can a man want? Meet your beauty at the bar, playing pool, or in the club, dancing on the stage as go-go dancer. They all look for clients, and mamasan will gladly help to choose the best match. Often one needs to pay a bar fine to take a girl out of bar. Some bars have rooms for a short-time rent.

You can take a girl for a short time - for a few hours, or long time - for a night. First you need to pay barfine - except you'd like to take a girl for short-time only. Barfine in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and other popular places isn't high, less than $15. Short-time prices start from 500 Baht ($13), long time from 1000 Baht. Girl gladly suggest you to spend all your vacation together - the price is average, and services can be extremely good. Don't forget to tip her after short-time rest!

Beer bars.

All hostesses try to find customers, calling them at streets, look bored. Prices are not high. Go-go bars are another thing, girls look better than in beer bars, but they ask for more money and look for better clients.

There also "blowjob bars" which is curious to visit and get care while drinking.

Ladyboys (kathoey) often look amazing and feminine, men easily mistake them with girls. Ladyboys often are dangerous - they can steal money at street and especially from a hotel room.

Take some time (while you are sober) to learn how to tell them apart from regular women. Things to look for are: how they walk, their height, their adams apple, a larger head, larger hands, a mustache or beard starting to show, a squeaky type of voice.

Bringing a guest into your hotel, make sure that reception wrote down his/her id number. Some aspects of prostitution in Thailand are illegal, but enforcement is lax (the loitering/soliciting fine is 200 baht) and brothels are spreaded widely. It's not illegal to pay for sex or to pay a "bar fine".

Best place for sex in Thailand:

Best brothels in Thailand are located in well-developed tourist places. Body massage (bath massage) can be found in Bangkok, Pattaya. Phuket.

Bangkok: Patpong, lower Sukhumvit Road area including Nana plaza, Soi Cowboy.

Pattaya: Beach Road, 2nd Road, Walking Street, Boyz town (for gays and women). On the central beach you will find freelancers, 2nd Road and Beach Road are flooded with beer bars, Walking Street - with go-go bars and pussy shows. Massage parlors are located on 2nd Road: Sabai Land, Sabai Room, and Sabai Dee. Pattaya brothels

Phuket: Patong Beach and Bangla Road full of sex clubs, check them out. In other tourist areas look for "body massage" signs. It's incredibly hard to find a prostitute on small island like Koh Larn, so take a girl with you if you're going to visit islands.


If you're in Pattaya, come and visit Cambodia that is not far away. You can find here something special, up to $50/night.

Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam

These countries are also very inviting for different kind of tourists and gladly offer sex service for cheap.


Massage parlors, brothels (casas) sell sex at affordable prices. Clubs and bars are comfortable to have a lady's drink and spend time in VIP room. Escort Service is available - girl would accompany men in trip all the time, including nights. This service is popular in Puerto Galera, Palawan and Boracay.

Find the best places for Manila hookers and have good time. Forget of them and look for new on your next visit - girls move from one gogo bar in Manila to another one quickly. By the way, barfine in Philipines is only $10-20, depending on time you'd like to spend with your new girlfriend. Manila is quite expensive comparing with other destinations in Asia, and if you looking for cheap sex vacation, go to Angeles city, where philippina cuties in some gentlemen's club will treat you as husband. You can get blowjob from Angeles city hooker very cheap, it cost less than 200-300 pesos, sex is 400-500 pesos.

The Caribbean and Latin America

The Caribbean are most known as the best destination for female sex tourism, but it has something to seduce men.


Girls on Cuba are friendly and contact with foreigners easily, though know English not very well. Go out and see how many of Cubian beauties want to spend time with you. Prostitution is a family business, so mother or brother will sell a girl for hour or night and invite such guest to have fun in their own house while rest of the family will sleep or do their own things. So why check best cubian brothels if you can try a cubian pussy almost anywhere?


Lot of beauties look for clients in the night. They ask if you want them (just say yes). Be ready to pay $50.


For long time Brazil was known as leader of the region in sex tourism sphere, but now Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras can compete with it. Variety of pretty girl for any taste. Prostitution is officially prohibited, but there are bath-houses and clubs of help there you will be provided with sex service, as they as operate as brothels. Also, remember that Latin girls are open-minded and friendly, so no wonder if someone will like you just because of your handsomeness ;)

Dominican Republic

This country has landscapes incredible in it's beauty, but lonely guys from around the world come here not only for that. They seach for easy love for little money.

At discos there are lot of prostitutes looking for men, some of them can speak English and German well. At some main streets prostitutes open hunt for guys, touching and embarrassing them. These also can be pickpockets.

It's hard not to notice those women, but there are also massage parlors, strip clubs and brothels in the country. You can hire a girl from strip club, paying an exit fee previously. Bringing a girl to the hotel is acceptable if she has an ID.

Best places in Dominica for sex tourism: Boca Chica, Sosua.

Beware: some of girl can use drugs and steal values from you or your room.

The Nitherlands

Popular national destinations for sex tourists include The Netherlands, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Red Light Districs, prostitutes of different races, Amsterdam best brothels, prices aren't low, but along with light drugs it's all for good.

No sexual taboos exist in the Netherlands.

Eastern Europe

Since the collapse of the Iron Curtain, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic have also become popular destinations for sex tourism.

In Czech Republic most of sex workers are foreign girls from neighbour countries. They come out at evening and flood popular tourist places. Prices start at $20 per hour. You also can visit a brothel, which are very nice and clean, girls can speak English. One can call them best brothels in Eastern Europe.

Popular Prague clubs:

Venuse, Lotos, Butterfly, Gentlemen's Club, Million Dollars, Kleopatra.

Hungurian is known for it's porn movies, and girls in paper ads look just like porn stars. Call them. Also visit sex-cinema which is popular in Hungary.

Ukraine and Russia are popular destinations for romantic tours, where men look not only for sex but firstly for wives. However, disonest guys use that opportunities for sex tourism (almost free). Prostitutes take not less than $50 per hour, $100 per night. Sex tourists from Turkey seeking cheap sex and prostitutes have good time at Ukrainian resorts like Crimea and Yalta.


Fresh-looking girls walk the streets at evening, helping tourists to find popular public places and discos. They gladly accompany European tourists and make love for a small reward. Special catalogues with girls' info and contact telephone are distributed in Riga. After all, any night bar or striptease club have info where to find a girl for one-night stand. Prostitution is legal, so there are many brothels in big cities like Riga, women are obliged to go through health-check regularly.


Girls are beautiful and offer good service. Prices aren't as low as you may desire.


Postitution in Austria is legal and girls can obtain this work from 14 y.o. Specialized magazines with hookers' photo and info and sex guides are issued and sold, the same info are being printed in ordinary press and magazines.

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