What is sex tourism?

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Sex tourism is travelling for having sex in a foreign country. Sex can be not the only one reason for a trip, but it's a essential part of sex tourism.

Is it legal?

If prostitution is legal in your destination country, when sex tourism is legal, too. However, sex tourism can be considered as sexual relations of two adults in which one gives another money or gifts.

Who are sex tourists?

Sex tourists are men and women of any age who have sex in the foreign country with its' inhabitants or workers of sex industry of this country.

How are sex tourists called?

Some sex tourists call themselves "mongerers", derivative from "warmonger" or "whoremongerer". Another term is "sexpat". It's derivation from expat - expatriate. Women travelling for sex are called Shirley Valentines (if British), longtails (in Bermuda), yellow cabs (Japan) and, in Jamaica, milk bottles if newly arrived or Stellas if black.

What countries are popular destinations for sex tourism?

Latin America and East Asian became the most popular. Men enjoys visiting Asian countries where they find submissive, attentive women who have no problems and always smile. American and European men rest near such women after dealing with females in their mother countries. In the mean time, American and European women look for musculine men, good-looking and ready to say compliments and make love. They find such guys in Southern Europe, the Caribbean and Africa.

How did sex tourism start to develop?

Seafarer of the Middle Ages have sex with inhabitants of foreign countries. Columbus and his crew first brought syphilis to the New World. There also were popular Grand Tours - in 18 and 19 century. In those trips young men and women travel to other countries for cultural experience, which included making love with new people they met. With development of transport in 19 century, sex tourism spreaded worldwide. Low prices ofr sex in the Caribbean and Africa attracted European tourists. English and later American military bases provocate grow of prostition in the countries they based on. Howadays, sex tourism is an industry with millions of worker and multi-profit.

Is sex tourism good for both parties?

Tourists often think of paid sex as of good opportunity to make a donation into economy of foreign country and help poor inhabitants to earn something. But it's not so sweet, as many sex workers go through violence, sexual abuse, disease and poverty.

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